Leo’s first year

311860_1997714423447_1354097388_n303593_1997714183441_506569648_n303992_1997713543425_2086227664_n300857_1997713423422_2046576488_n309353_1997713303419_774263490_n299725_1997712943410_764859398_n309868_1997712583401_1385838824_nAnnouncementIMG_2043It seemed an unlikely combination to be found in nature, but here it is: the baby fauxhawk-mullet.IMG_2125IMG_2247IMG_2161Apparently there's at least one spot on earth that knows no gravity.IMG_2276IMG_2355IMG_2309Um, isn't he a little young to give a woman a look like this--even if said woman is his mama?IMG_2362IMG_2394Trying to get presentable to meet Tai Po (Great-Grandma) for the first time.IMG_2494IMG_0041IMG_0045My beach babe.Soaking in the tub after a hard day's work...Leo feeling shorn after haircut #2. (Ok, that might be me.)IMG_0491IMG_0219IMG_0475This was one way to spend Father's Day morning.IMG_0456Leo at his first HuffPo meeting today, moments before grabbing the mike from Arianna (in order to eat it, of course).IMG_0679IMG_0703What Leo learned this summer: